Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger

Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger by Graham RobsonThe Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger were in many ways revolutionary cars coming as they did from a British manufacturer with no history or reputation for sports car design. The Alpine remained in production for nine years – the remarkable V8-engined Tiger for scarcely one third as long. Graham Robson who worked at Rootes/Chrysler Group in the 1960s during the Alpine Tiger era chronicles the history of these sports cars. Topics covered include the complete history of all Alpine models; full details of the Tiger based on the Alpine with the Ford V8 engine; detailed coverage of Alpine and Tiger racing and rallying fortunes; full specification tables for all models; and special feature panels.Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger by Graham Robson more data

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No Frills Car Cruise and Display [Vic] The Foreshore display will feature the year end celebrations of Elfin Sports Cars 50 year & the 45th of Sunbeam Alpine and 40th of Sunbeam Tiger, as well as a large display of BMW’s. Local community of Hastings are supporting this event, including a number of community stalls and activities to keep the family occupied.