Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean Scooters Haynes Service and Repair Manual50, 100, 125, 150 and 200 cc Twist and Go

Softcover – 224 pages – Chinese Taiwanese Korean Scooters Haynes Service and Repair Manual covers Service and repair operations for the most popular Chinese Taiwanese and Korean 50cc 100cc 125 cc 150cc and 200cc scooters including two-stroke and four-stroke engine types. Covers 2004 to 2009 models.Models Covered bull; Baotian BT49QT BT50QT bull; Branson BS50 BS125 BS150 bull; Chituma CTM50QT CTM125T bull; CPI Aragon 50/125 Hussar JR50/125 Oliver JV50/125 Popcorn JP50 VGO 125 bull; Daelim Cordi 50 S-FIVE 50 E-FIVE 50 Besbi 125 bull; FYM FY50QT FY100QT FY125T bull; Generic XOR 50/125 Ideo 50 Cracker 50 Evolution 50 bull; GIANTCO Sprint Sport 50 Sprint City 50 bull; Hyosung SD50 SF50R SF50B bull; Jialing JL50QT JL125T JL150T bull; Jincheng JC50QT JC125T JC150T bull; Jinlun/CKR JL50QT JL125T Retro 50 Retro 125 bull; Keeway Hurricane 50 Flash 50 Matrix 50/125 F-act (Focus) 50/125 ARN125 bull; Kinroad XT50QT XT125T bull; Kymco (also sold as Bug) Super 8 50/125 ZX50 YUP 50 People S 50/125/200 Agility 50/125 Agility City 50/125 bull; Lifan LF50QT LF125T LF150T bull; PGO T-REX 50/125 G-MAX 50 PMX 50 Roadshow 50 Ligero 50 bull; Qingqi QM50QT QM100T QM125T bull; Sinnis QM50QT WY50QT Strike 50 bull; Sukida SK50QT SK125T bull; Superbyke Powerband 40/125 Powermax M-PED S-MAX CQ50 CU125 PB50-1/PB50-3 bull; Sym DD50 Mio 50/100 Jet BasiX 50 Jet Euro X 50/100 City Hopper 50 bull; TGB 50cc 202 101R Hawk 302 R50X 125cc BK8 204 404 304 Hawk bull; Wangye WY125T bull; Wuyang 50QT Yiben YB50QT YB125T bull; Yiying YY50QT YY125T bull; Zongshen LZX50QT ZS50QT ZS100QT ZS125T ZS150T.ContentsLIVING WITH YOUR SCOOTER bull; Introduction bull; Make and model history bull; Acknowledgements bull; About this manual bull; Identification numbers bull; Buying spare parts bull; Safety first bull; Daily (pre-ride checks) bull; Engine oil level check C four-stroke models bull; Fuel and two-stroke oil checks bull; Coolant level check C liquid-cooled models bull; Brake fluid level check C disc brake models bull; Tyre checks bull; Suspension and steering checks bull; Legal and safety checksMAINTENANCE bull; Routine maintenance and servicing bull; Model specifications and service schedules bull; Routine maintenance and servicing procedures click the link

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