Motor City Muscle

Motor City Muscle by Mike MuellerThis is the high-performance tale of what was undoubtedly the fastest loosest era in automotive history. Through the 1960s and into the 1970s America s carmakers fought an unbridled war for street supremacy. The warriors ranged from light and agile Z/28 Camaros and Boss 302 Mustangs to big-block brutes like the 440 Road Runner and Stage I 455 Buick GS. A few of these boulevard brawlers were closing on 500 horsepower before the insurance lobby Ralph Nader OPEC and various governmental agencies conspired to stop the madness. Muscle cars all but disappeared by 1974 with only a few anemic models soldiering through the 1980s. But by the 1990s thanks to vastly improved engine technology muscle cars were back with a vengeance. Motor City Muscle traces the full history right up to today s new Mustang Camaro and Challenger.Motor City Muscle by Mike Mueller more information…..

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