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TV Tommy Ivo by Tom CotterIn the early 1960s Tommy Ivo had the world in the palm of his hands. Still a young man he was already a star of television and film with a promising Hollywood future ahead of him. Then his producers told him he had to quit drag racing. He quit the entertainment industry instead. This is the official story of Ivo s incredible life and racing career. Readers will follow TV Tommy as he becomes the most ambitious drag racer in the nation building his own cars in the garage behind his Burbank home;becoming the first driver to pilot his dragsters to 170 175 and 180 miles per hour;and towing his cars to match races at small town drag strips across the United States. Always the showman Ivo pioneered promotional techniques that are today taken for granted. His impact on the sport cannot be understated and his legacy is detailed in this incredible bio of one of drag racing s most irrepressible characters.TV Tommy Ivo by Tom Cotter extra

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