The VW Camper Story

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The VW Camper Story by Giles ChapmanGet other VW repair manuals hereWhat Europe needed after the Second World War was an ultra-reliable workhorse to get small businesses on the move again. And with a little nudge from the Dutch that s what Volkswagen provided in 1950 with its Transporter van. It was no fireball but rock-solid quality meant it always delivered the goods. But then something incredible happened: people found that they enjoyed driving the trusty Transporter and that it made an excellent place to spend the night. And once the British had helped perfect a way to raise the roof the Volkswagen Camper became a worldwide phenomenon – the mobile home for everyone from student adventurers to gung-ho grandparents. Volkswagen vans have been front (originally rear) engined and water (originally air) cooled now for over 20 years yet the spirit of the Camper is as unbowed as ever. Here award-winning writer Giles Chapman tells the whole amazing story.The VW Camper Story by Giles Chapman click

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