The Sammy Miller Museum Collection – Racing and Sporting Machines

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The Sammy Miller Museum Collection – Racing and Sporting Machines by Roy PoyntingThis book features the sports machines included in the Sammy Miller Museum Collection. 110 magnificent machines excellently restored and beautifully photographed in full color with text by the well-known and respected motorcycle journalist Roy Poynting. Sammy Miller s racing career involved road dirt/grass track racing and motorcycle trials. He raced mainly for Ariel motorcycles and in 1964 formed a partnership with Bultaco and went on to become the lead developer of modern two-stroke trials motorcycles. Today his museum houses the country s foremost collection of such machines many of them featured in this book. The book will wet the appetite of those not fortunate enough to have already made a visit and will provide a pleasant reminder for others until they come again.The Sammy Miller Museum Collection – Racing and Sporting Machines by Roy Poynting additional info…..

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