The Life of Senna

The Life of Senna by Tom RubythonAyrton Senna was in many peoples opinions the greatest Formula One driver to have ever raced. Over 2 million people watched his shocking crash on television during the San Marino Grand Prix on Sunday 1st May 1994. The knowing knew he was dead when his car finally came to rest on that fateful day. Although a host of biographies have been published none have fully researched his life and character and exposed his extraordinary driving brain. In this first full and stunningly illustrated account of his life the authors and their collaborators examine every detail of the driving maestro s life. From his earliest days to his first race and on to his world championships to his pole positions and finally to his death and its aftermath. He was the one driver so perfect that nobody thought anything could happen to him Bernie Ecclestone Ayrton was the most committed of all. He had an air of invincibility around him. He put his entire body and mind into winning Sir Frank Williams He established his own limits. When he reached those limits he wanted to beat them and establish new ones. I never knew how far he could go.I had an understanding but I didn t know The only thing that existed was himself –and he had to be first Gerhard Berger.The Life of Senna by Tom Rubython more data

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