Suzuki Vitara, Sidekick and Geo Tracker 4 X 4 Performance Portfolio, 1988-97

Suzuki Vitara Sidekick and Geo Tracker 4 X 4 Performance Portfolio 1988-97 by R. M. ClarkeGet other Suzuki repair manuals hereAfter the success of the SJ models in Europe the company introduced the Vitara in 1988 to appeal to those who wanted style as well as better off-road performance and handling. at a modest price. In the US the Vitara was marketed as the Sidekick which was so popular General Motors built it under license at the Geo Tracker. This is a book of contemporary road and comparison tests specification and technical data new model introductions driving impressions design and engineering used car profile. Models covered include: – Vitara JLX Geo Tracker Soft Top JLX SE Sidekick JLX V6 Tracker Lsi Sport JLX. Integracar attempts to render a substantial array of repair manuals. Conversely maintenance manuals can be created for a range of nations and the motor cars released for those countries. So not all repair manuals may be appropriate for your particular automobile. If you have any important questions whether a selected service manual is relevant for your automobile please get in contact with us hereSuzuki Vitara Sidekick and Geo Tracker 4 X 4 Performance Portfolio 1988-97 by R. M. Clarke more details…..

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