Ford Ranchero 1957-1979

Ford Ranchero 1957-1979 by James C. MaysGet other Ford repair manuals hereMore than a truck and more than a car the unique Ranchero would take many forms and this class act was a vital part of the big Blue Ovals lineup for more than two decades. Far from being just another pretty face rugged Rancheros did their part to build national prosperity and keep America on the move. Meticulously researched in Fords archives automotive historian James C. Mays pays tribute to Ranchero telling the complete story in rich detail. Includes prices and options lists plus production sales and export figures. This indispensable reference also offers the unique Canada-only Meteor Rancheros as well as the Australian versions.Ford Ranchero 1957-1979 by James C. Mays click the link

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