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BMW 5 Series by James TaylorGet other BMW repair manuals hereThe BMW 5 Series has been running for over twenty-five years and during that time has consistently set the standard for medium-sized sporting saloons. Motoring historian James Taylor tells the complete story of the design development and production of these cars through each generation. Topics covered include: History of BMW before the 5 Series; Detailed model-by-model specifications; Production details and running costs; M-Series and Touring models; and Advice on buying a BMW 5 Series today. Illustrated throughout this is an essential reading for all motoring enthusiasts.BMW 5 Series by James Taylor additional info…..

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BMW 5 Series : Overview The BMW 5 Series Touring boasts numerous driver assistance systems, an eight-speed automatic transmission and a selection of powerful and economical engines. It also offers an incredible 1,670 litres of space, with rear seats that fold down in a 40:20:40 ratio.

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1985 BMW 5 Series 520i – RUST FREE for sale 1985 bmw 520i sedan—rust free solid 520 i bought in victoria b.c. no holds barred or expense spared ls3-6 speed conversion. professionally completed by hawks motor sports in easley , s.c. it is one of the strongest , most fun cars i have owned and the builder said he has driven. it just acts right….

1999 BMW 5 SERIES E39 528i M Sport for sale POA SOLD: A well maintained and rust-free E39 M Sport, with a mere 19k miles. EQUIPMENT M Sports package, M Sports suspension II, M Sports leather steering wheel, M Aerodynamics package, 5-Speed Steptronic transmission, Shadowline exterior trim, Aluminium interior trim, Electrically adjustable front Sports seats with drivers seat memory …

BMW 5 Series Electric Experimental Vehicle Packs 7,375 LB … To test its fifth-fen electric drive system, BMW has fitted a 5 Series Sedan with three electric motors. It does 0 to 62 mph (100 kph) in under 3 seconds.

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Rust.. grr – ///M Powered – BMW 5 Series Owners Board I’ll bow to previous respondents but, BMW replaced my DPF 3 years ago on my 2006 pre-LCI 530d and, I experienced absolutely no performance change in the heat (33.5C) at all. Agrippa.

BMW 5 Series – Wikipedia The BMW 5 Series is an executive car manufactured by BMW since 1972. It is the successor to the New Class Sedans and is currently in its seventh generation. Initially, the 5 Series was only available in a sedan body style.

BMW 5 Series Sedan – Model Overview – BMW USA An executive sedan for the driver in charge. The BMW 5 Series Sedan variants – 530i, 540i, M550i and 530e plug-in hybrid – are sure to captivate with their performance, technology, and design.